Baguette Board
Versatile and beautiful, this wooden baguette board is made from 19th century reclaimed European wood. Picture this brimming with olives, a row of candles, or displaying luscious figs.  Hand hewn wood has such a natural, solid feel in your hands that reminds you of its place in history. Each piece is unique and made with care. The vintage style is both popular yet timeless, making each piece worthy of a gorgeous family heirloom or eco-chic wedding gift. 


  • Salvaged wood is recycled or reclaimed from 19th century European buildings that were to be demolished
  • Multi-functional - bread board, display piece or serving platter
  • Hand crafted by artisans in Hungary
  • Hand finished with natural beeswax and mineral oil
  • 6" wide x 18" long x 1.5" high
  • Food safe
  • Hand hewn and unique - one of a kind piece